Collection History

Spring 2016 - "CHILD PRODIGY"- The debut collection from Tylan Harris' "Victim Studios". Inspired by the topic of self-doubt. 'Child Prodigy' is the story of a victim who grows up a genius but slowly shifts his talents and proficiency towards the arts rather than traditional education. Details his battle with self-doubt over if he's made the right decisions with his life. 


Autumn 2016 - PART 1 "BULLETS" - This collection was inspired by the topic of pride. 'Bullets' is the story of a Collapsible Soldier who goes to war and comes back "bulletproof." This two-part collection details him upholding this facade of a strong, unbreakable man while slowly battling depression on the inside. Metaphor for success and the aftermath of "turning nothing into something"


Autumn 2016 - PART 2 "ADDICTION" - This collection was inspired by the topic of depression. 'Addiction', concluding the story of the Collapsible Soldier and his battle with depression, details the bulletproof man turning to an addict, realizing the only thing that can hurt him is himself. Metaphor for artists who build off struggle and what they must do to stay relevant when no longer faced with the same struggle.


Spring 2017 - "SELFISH DESIRE" - The debut capsule project from Tylan Harris' STABLE-FAITH. Inspired by the topic of greed. 'Selfish Desire' deals with artist achieving success and becoming lost in their own greed. Details the Child Prodigy's rise to fame and sudden fall to obscurity as he becomes distracted from his art. A literal metaphor for artists losing sight of the "art" in their respective field for personal enjoyment.


Resurrection Runway - "BLACK WALL STREET" - The second project from Tylan Harris' STABLE-FAITH. Debut runway show detailing Black struggle for influence in the traditional workforce and how we define success as a community. Details greedy corporations and how an executive move for the people at the top directly affects the people at the bottom. Premiered exclusively in Detroit, Michigan c/o The Fashion Massacre.


Summer 2017 - "IDENTITY CRISIS" - This capsule collection was inspired by the topic of identity. 'Identity Crisis' is the story of a sheltered black boy who runs away from his lavish lifestyle and family to experience the world for himself. He soon finds that his personality has been molded by his lack of life experience and that to become his true self, he must experience all walks of life. Details intersectionality within the black community and the natural social divide that comes with wealth.


Fall 2017 - "SECRETS TRAVEL LIKE BULLETS" - The debut collection from Tylan Harris' STABLE-FAITH. Inspired by the topic of self education, 'Secrets Travel Like Bullets' is a continuation of the events from the Spring 2016 collection 'Child Prodigy'. This collection details the child prodigy's reflection on high school as well as touching on the topic of regret and the importance of education in different social classes and communities. Metaphor for my (Tylan Harris) own reflection post-high school and the quest for self education that comes after.


Spring 2018 - "CLOSER, AS I REMEMBER IT" - The second collection from Tylan Harris' STABLE-FAITH. Inspired by depression and self purpose, 'Closer, As I Remember It' is retelling of real life events leading up to this point in Harris' life. This body of work is designed to touch on the topic of mental health in black boys and the stigma that comes with depression. Translated from the greek tale of Daedalus and Icarus, the story, and the collection by extent, serve as a metaphor for being lost in a seemingly infinite maze, The Labyrinth: A collection of wrong turns and dead ends.